Huntington Park - Trail Map

Bethel, Reading & Newtown - Connecticut


Huntington Mountain Biking Map"

Description (for Mountain Biking)

All Color Blazed trails, exception being the White Trail (a.k.a. Rock and Roll), are all Dual Track Trails (a.k.a. old Carriage Roads). The only difficult sections are where there are steep climbs involved.

Single Track Trails

  1. Rock and Roll Trail: White Blazed
    Intermediate ability, twisty and technical singletrack
  2. Big Burn:
    Buff Singletrack, twisty and windy through a small area. Many rollers and drops interspersed throughout the area. Easy Trail
  3. Lollipop Trail:
    Intermediate, primarily buff single track, with some technical sections. Very hilly.
  4. Chimney Trail:
    Advanced, about 2.5 mi long with tons of rocks, roots and technical sections. Tight, twisty and full of short climbs, it can be ridden both ways, just be wary of mud holes and fall line climbs.
  5. South Pond Single Track:
    Intermediate, technical single track
  6. Blue Trail Single Track (to Southpond) (currrently blocked)
  7. South Park Single Track:
    Intermediate, technical single track
  8. Stratocaster:
    Flows well up and down, berms, a couple rock features with options, a bit of tech. Awesome connector to South Pond loops from Rock'n'Roll.
  9. Single Track off the Blue Carriage Road
    (take the connector from Little Vomit):
    Intermediate, technical singletrack that eventually leads to a kick-ass downhill section

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