Great Places to ride in Fairfield County Connecticut...

Welcome to the Fairfield County Ride Guide—An interactive guide to popular mountain biking locations in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Here you will find directions, ride maps, the latest trail conditions, and links to other resources. If you are thinking of going out for a ride and unsure of what to expect, these maps and resources—created and assembled by local riders—should answer many of your questions.

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Bennetts Pond/Hemlock Hills | Huntington | Wilton Woods | Troutbrook Valley | Trumbull | Mianus
Farrington Woods | Bradley Park | Tarrywile | Roosevelt Forest | Shelton Lakes

Not on Map:
- Waldo | West Rock | Millers -

fiarfield count mountan biking trails Farringons Bennetts Pond - Hemlock Hills Huntington Pequonnoclk Valley - Old Mine Wilton Woods Troutbrook Mianus Tarrywile Shelton Lakes Roosevelt Forest Bradley Park Seth Low Pierrepoint

Please Ride Responsibly

(keep singletracks single...)

Rail Trails, etc.

  • Was there too much rain last week and are the woods still soggy?
  • Itching to get out or just want or need a good workout in the saddle?
Try a Gravel Grinder...
Rail Trails and other scenic road biking

What's New?

  • December 2019:

    Trailforks - Links to Fairfield County Trailforks maps added to each major park page

    - The lower "More info" section of all pages has been cleaned up and redesigned.
    - All the Flash maps that were pulled from this site a while back now reside here.
    - FYI:
    If curious, there is a now a landing page on vizettes.com that functions as a direct index to the Google (GPS Visualizer) maps. (NOTE: It's probably confusing to use coming from fcnemba's site...)

Update Log

  • September 2019:
    All Google Interactive Maps reside on vizettes.com
    The iFrame configuration I was using was no longer allowed by Google
    Links to TrailForks maps will be added, accordingly
  • August 2019:
    All Flash Maps have been removed from this site :-(
    (they will be posted elsewhere for posterity :-) )

    Bennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills Update
    - the Blue Ledges trail has been added to the map
    - The Pine Mountain ascent has been made the proper Orange on the flat maps
    - 7 Up has been approved and has been added to the map
      (the bridge built by the boyscouts in Bennetts makes access easy now)
    - The Out of Nowhere trail has been approved and now on the map
  • June 2019:
    - Updated Mianus Flat Maps with new GPS's of both Swingset and Drop Off Trails


  • March 2018:
    - Pine Mountain Ascent trail (yellow) added to map graphics
    - Added a few Trailforks Map Links (their interactive maps are really great)
    - Updates to the Pequonnock Valley White Trail finally added to map (subtle Serengeti reroute)
    - All Google Maps (gps visualizer) maps have been pulled pulled from the site and moved to the vizettes domain


  • July 2017 Updates:
    - New FCNEMBA trails/reroutes at Hemlock Hills added to map
    - Background choices trimmed for the Trumbull/Pequonnock Valley full page Google map

  • March/April:
    - Ride Guide moved to FCNEMBA.org domain


  • In March, the Ride Guide was revised
    - Tabbed approach with emphasis on branding and flat maps (street and topo)
    - Google and Flash maps now “secondary” pages
    - Many URLs have changed, please update your bookmarks


  • Trumbull/Pequonnock Valley - Full page Google Map
  • Three nearby Popular Parks added: Waldo, West Rock and Millers (not in Fairfield County)