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Huntington is a great park for mountain biking. It has a unique combination of trails that can accommodate all levels of users. From families out for a scenic spin to the thrill-seeking hard-climbing rider, there are trails in the park for everyone. The internal carriage roads (dual track) tie all the singletrack together but you can ride three-quarters of the park on singletrack alone.


Singletrack choices such as the Rock'n'Roll Trail, the Twister Trail, and the Big Burn are classic New England: tight and twisty, scattered with roots and rocks with mountain laurel closing in around you. Rollers, log up and overs and stream crossings will keep you focused. The hardest climbs are the fire roads.


The park has a variety of scenery too, gorgeous lakes, glacially carved terrain, both forest and field habitats, and for the historically minded, even old foundations and mica mines. There's ample parking as well.

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