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A 200-acre open space owned by the city of Danbury, Farrington Woods sits directly off exit 1 of I-84 at the border of CT and NY. Home to Sanford Pond, Farrington's Pond, and the head of the Still River, the trail system is a mix of old jeep trails and newer multi-use singletrack that offers fun, flowing trails with some technical challenges along the way for both experienced and new riders, walkers, hikers, and trail runners.


From the parking lot, you can choose a smooth and very twisty MTB trail to the left, or a dirt road on the right, either of which leads to a dirt causeway across the low wetlands beside Sanford Pond. Then to the east, there is a 2.5-mile loop along the lower section of the park near the water that is relatively mellow.  A longer, fully-benched trail climbs to the higher elevations of the park, where an additional 10+ miles of more challenging trails and Farrington's Pond can be found. There are several nice viewpoints along these upper trails. 


Mapping to date is fairly limited. To get familiar with this beautiful park and enjoy it most, your best bet is to join a scheduled FCNEMBA ride, or go with someone who knows the trails!

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