Wilton Woods - Trail Map

Wilton Woods Town Park- Wilton, Connecticut

Black and White Diamond Trails - Wilton Woods

Trail Descriptions

(going counter clockwise from the Branchbrook parkiing lot)

The Blue Trail East is the recommended starter from the Branch Brook parking lot. This flowy uphill features occasional rocky challenges and varied terrain throughout.

Rock strewn and rough, the Orange trail hugs the river and offers great scenic views along the way.

The White east-west trail to the north is a commonly-used connector between the Blue East and Blue West trails. Unmarked terrain challenges and other trails off to the side add a variety of interesting riding possibilities.

The northernmost section of the Blue Trail East is a super scenic ride with a long challenging rocky section.

Red Trail (Formerly known as the
Black Diamond) is twisty and fast featuring switchbacks and technical challenges galore. This is THE trail destination in the park. A fun ride for any type of rider.

The Yellow trail heading south glides by a small open field camping area before plunging into the central stream valley. Lots of ups and downs and rock-strewn scenery throughout this central area make it all worth exploring...

Going southward, once past the intersection with the Red, a wonderful rockless portion of the Blue trail sweeps through a curvy downhill that flows like butter. This is a favorite spot to go full throttle before leaving the park from the Branch Brook parking lot.

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