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The Shelton Lakes Trail System is in the heart of Shelton and includes three reservoirs and ten miles of trails. The terrain is moderate and the trails are generally flat and easy.


Most of the trails are either really buff or rooty and rocky. Although there is very little climbing, the biggest climbs go right up eroded fall lines. There are lots of boardwalks crossing over streams and wet areas keeping the ride interesting and scenic.


Shelton is a popular spot for hikers as well so exercise caution when sharing the trails. It can be confusing sometimes knowing where you are so having a map and planning your route ahead of time is advisable. There is a great downloadable map to print on the Shelton Conservation Commission site (see printable trail map link below).


Caution Although there aren't any "No Biking" signs on the Paugaussett Blue trail in the Southern section of the trail (Buddington Road to Hope Lake), anything north of Independence Blvd is strictly prohibited for biking. Please stay on the designated trails only.

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