FC NEMBA aims to ensure that ALL trail users have an enjoyable experience so here are some bits of trail etiquette to keep in mind when you're out riding:

  • Do not ride when trails are wet. Riding in muddy conditions causes significant damage to a trail.

  • If you come upon a mud puddle in the middle of the trail, ride through it, not around it. Riding around puddles causes the gradual widening of the trails - we want to keep the singletrack single.

  • Do not skid.

  • Yield to ALL other trail users - come to a complete stop unless they ask you to pass them.

  • Downhill traffic should yield to uphill traffic.

  • Maintain control and speed of your bike especially where poor sight lines exist.

  • Stay on the designated trail - do not braid or create your own riding lines.

  • NO illegal trail building - all new trails and features must be approved by FC NEMBA and local land managers/owners.

  • If there are signs of damage or vandalism, please report it on TrailForks and/or contact FC NEMBA. Take pictures!

  • Be mindful and respectful of the wildlife in our parks and forests.

  • If riding alone, be sure to let someone know your approximate location before riding in case of an emergency.

  • Be respectful of leash laws for dogs - other dogs may not be friendly and some people may not like a dog approaching them that they do not know.

  • During hunting season (September - December), wear bright orange to maintain high visibility.

  • Most importantly - have fun while respecting others!


Thank you for keeping our trails a safe and fun place!


E-Bike Laws

This law applies to Connecticut State Parks only but none of the privately owned or town parks (Pine Mtn, Troutbrook, etc.) allow e-bikes either:


“(e) Except where permitted by local ordinance, a class 1 or class 2 electric bicycle shall not be ridden on a bicycle trail or path or multiuse trail or path designated for nonmotorized traffic if such trail or path has a natural surface tread made by clearing and grading the soil and no surfacing materials have been added.”

Regional NEMBA's Position on E-Bikes: